Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Few Christmas Bits

I considered doing a full-on LOOK WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAAAAAS post but the thought made me shudder a bit inside. So instead, I've decided to select a few gifts that I couldn't resist chit-chatting about, because as we all know, if there's one thing I love, it's talking about stuff I like.

This isn't about bragging or any other kind of negative nonsense (love that word), it's about me embracing the fact that no matter how much we all deny it, everyone loves a good nosy at what everyone else received. #AmIRight.
1. Monin 1L Vanilla Coffee Syrup (+ pump)
Because if there's one thing I love, it's flavoured coffee. The cupboards in my house are filled with an array of coffee syrups; my dad is a purveyor of wine, I am a purveyor of coffee syrups. It's not quite the same thing, but it works. Vanilla, of course, is the absolute classic and I pretty much use it daily, so I deemed a one-litre bottle (with accompanying pump, a la many well-known coffee-shops) a completely necessary addition to my growing collection.

2. John Lewis Cashmere Gloves
These are so comfortable I can't even stand it. Well, I can, because they'll be perfect for when Winter actually shows up and it's colder than eleven-degrees outside. I'm hoping this happens soon because it's incredibly difficult to know how to dress when there's a storm battering outside, but it's way too warm to bundle up.

3. Hedgehog Print Cushion
Because as an adoptive hedgehog mother, I need something to remind me of him during the months he's hibernating somewhere in the garden. So adorable!

4. Chocolate
It would one-hundred-percent not be Christmas without a Terry's Chocolate Orange... or about a thousand tonnes of Dairy Milk. You could probably sink a ship with the amount I unwrapped this Christmas, and I'm looking forward to rectifying any particularly depressing January days with a good helping shoved into my gob.

5. Bath & Beauty Faves
I know shower gels are characteristically un-glamourous, but I really don't have enough time to take baths, so showers are my equivalent and shower gels are my luxury product of choice. I'm also super into looking after my skin right now so Neal's Yard and Korres are perfecto. I also swear that after using 'Sensual Jasmine', the cold I'd been battling totally disappeared. Well, for a little while anyway.

I'm so excited to try out these Lancôme mascaras; because as we all know, I love a good mascara, and I've heard only good things about Lancôme (including that Kendall Jenner wears it so).

6. L'Occitane 'Cherry Blossom' Candle
This candle represents one of the many candles I was gifted this year (others included Wild Jasmine, Sparkling Snow, Lavender and Cinnamon & Clove). I inhaled the scent from this candle for a good five minutes or so before I could get a grip on myself and declare that "this'll make a good spring scent" like a total mad woman. I now have the fun task of attempting to find a home for them all...

7. Cath Kidston Christmas Mug
I love Cath Kidston mugs; not only are they so adorable it hurts, they are the perfect size for a whopping cup of coffee in the morning. Which is of course, the most important thing. I've also made the executive decision to use this mug all year round because it's so fab.

8. Fossil Wallet
I'm hugely attached to my current four-year-old Mango croc-effect wallet, but sadly, my need to be as lazy as possible and take only my cards and iPhone out when I run errands means it's no longer up to scratch. This wallet is specifically designed to house notes, coins, credit cards, gift cards and your mobile telephone. It's also the nicest tan leather ever and I am in love.

Sadly, no Zac Efron under my tree (again) this year, but here's to hoping.
~ Eleanor xo

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Things that happen at Christmas when you're an adult

If you want to get technical about it, I have in fact been experiencing Christmas as an adult for the last three years. However, I've spent those three years depending on a teeny student loan while living it large at University, so I'm making the bold decision to discount those as 'adult years'. Now though, my bank deems me financially stable enough to receive their complimentary travel insurance, so alas, there is no denying that adulthood is well and truly here.

Still, complimentary European-only travel insurance doesn't really do much for an adult at Christmas...
  1. You wake up early not from excitement, but from your body clock thinking it's a work day.
  2. It's hard to be enthusiastic when your system is caffeine free.
  3. You're way more excited to give presents than receive them because you've totally bossed your gifts this year.
  4. 85% of the presents you receive are pajamas, skincare and candles. And you are pleased as punch.
  5. You realise that you could in fact eat chocolate for breakfast without asking your parents permission. The thought is rebelliously tantalising.
  6. You decide to eat chocolate for breakfast and immediately regret it.
  7. You do not stop eating all day, but you're sure this level of food consumption used to be easier when you were a child.
  8. You start to feel a bit icky being in your pjs past eleven.
  9. Sitting cross legged on the floor to open presents seems like a good idea until you realise you probably won't be able to stand up again.
  10. You actually want to send thank you notes.
  11. A message written in a Christmas card makes you tear up.
  12. You miss the days when you didn't hang off the end of your parents bed while opening your stocking.
  13. Seeing Boxing Day sale furniture adverts on television and wondering why this is still a thing.
  14. Getting a selection pack is too amazing for words.
  15. Reacting to presents only gets more difficult.
  16. Drinking Buck's Fizz before you're even dressed.
  17. Still using NORAD to track Santa because obvs.
  18. There is a family argument and it is cataclysmic. 
  19. You count down the minutes until the Downton Abbey Christmas Special.
  20. Your entire family stays in the same room for hours at a time and you aren't sure what to do because this never happens.
  21. That one present that makes you wonder who this person thinks you are.
  22. Trying to reply to a "Merry Christmas" group text before all the other generic greetings are taken.
  23. Reminiscing about that time when winter sales started in-stores on Boxing Day... while filling your online cart on the afternoon of Christmas Day.
  24. Considering the size of an army you could assemble and keep well-fed using only the vast amount of chocolate you've received.
  25. Not worrying about how awful the weather is outside because you probably won't be leaving your house until 2016.
  26. Trying to be tactful when suggesting what you want to watch on TV.
  27. Your Facebook feed is full of engagement announcements and baby's first Christmases. It's weird.
  28. You yearn for the days when you received a stack of CDs. You regret the yearning because it makes you feel about a thousand years old.
  29. You stalk all the Kardashian's Instagrams because you don't know why.
  30. Looking forward to days of all Turkey everything.
I hope you guys all had a marvelous Christmas (and that it wasn't too socially awkward...).
~ Eleanor xo

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas in Windsor

It's no secret that I find Windsor utterly beautiful (and hella instagrammable) on any day of the year, but the festive season has taken things to a whole new level and has sent my use of the heart eye emoji through the roof... and not just because there's now a man selling emoji cushions in the middle of the High Street.

So instead of blowing up everyones Insta feeds with every wreath displayed on every door from every angle (followed by a caption of #WreathGoals), I figured I'd share some of my favourite festive photos here instead. And I thought it only fair to announce that really, no matter how many fairy lights you string up on the front of your house, you'll never come close to beating Her Majesty, who has an entire light display projected onto one of her many turrets each night. Kudos, Ma'am.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
~ Eleanor xo

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Shortbread Snowflakes

Festive baking, in my opinion, is the one. Arguably, also a huge marketing ploy set up by supermarkets around the world, but how exactly is one supposed to resist seasonally themed (and downright adorable) baking instruments? "Well of course I need a mitten shaped biscuit cutter", I tell myself feebly. Every year, it's the same vicious circle.

Still, when you do give in and purchase said mitten shaped biscuit cutter, whatever can you use it for? Well, how about some super easy and super tasty shortbread?! I should be an infomercial narrator. While these aren't mitten shaped (that's Waitrose fault), they are crumbly, semi-seasonal (holla mixed berries) and crazy easy to make. Plus, research suggests* that snowflake shaped treats are good for the soul. *no it doesn't.

Prep time: Under 30 mins | Cooking time: 20 mins | Makes: 15-20 snowflakes

  • 125g unsalted butter (softened)
  • 55g golden caster sugar, plus extra to finish
  • 180g plain flour
  • 100g berry mix

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5 and line a baking tray (or two) with greaseproof paper. 
  2. Beat the butter and the sugar together in a mixing bowl until smooth. 
  3. Stir in the flour until you get a smooth paste. Scatter as many dried mixed berries as you fancy into the mixture and use your hands to work the dough into a ball, wrap it in cling film and let it chill in the fridge for about twenty minutes.
  4. Cover the surface and rolling pin in an appropriate amount of flour, remove the cling film and roll out the dough until it's about 1cm thick (don't worry that it's super crumbly, just bare with). Use your chosen cutter to cut out the biscuits and place them on the baking tray. Repeat process until all the dough is used. Or you run out of room.
  5. Sprinkle a small amount of golden caster sugar over the top of each snowflake and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until pale golden-brown. Shimmy across to a wire rack to cool.
  6. Devour.
Afternoon tea, anyone?
~ Eleanor xo

Friday, 18 December 2015

Link Love #12

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  5. The best Dowager Countess reactions from Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith gives me life {via Refinery 29}

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  7. This tutorial for DIY pine snowflake wreaths. Seriously cute, and super easy! {via Camille Styles}

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  10. A frankly brilliant tutorial on how to DIY emoji wrapping paper {via Studio DIY}
Keep it real, amigos.
~ Eleanor xo

Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Day in the Life: Meetings, Mocktails & Marmite

Well that title is horrendously more satisfying to me than it should be. Alliteration is so spiritually fulfilling I almost can't breathe. It also probably makes a typical day in my life sound a little on the strange side...

But if we're being honest, this particular day was one of the stranger I've lived through because I spent the majority of it in one of the largest shopping centres in London, Westfield. I heard tales of France and limited edition cars while sipping on foreignly-spiced mocktails, glided around an ice-rink and tried to take sneaky snaps whenever possible. Who knew digital marketing would be so active.

9:40am The perilous train journey from Windsor to Shepherds Bush begins. Hop on a train to the exotic content of Slough. Connecting train to Ealing Broadway is delayed by 15 minutes (good job Great Western Railways). Use the time to ponder where this 'Ealing Broadway' place is.

10:57am Arrive at Westfield in the knick of time. Hurry towards the meeting location, dodging happy shoppers and wishing I hadn't chosen today to break in my new (but thoroughly beautiful) ankle boots. Welcomed with bespoke four ingredient mocktails that've been created to celebrate the launch of the new DS 4. Secretly hope the drinks are less 'mock', more cock-; alcohol.

11:15am Taken to the secret top floor of Westfield where about a million boardrooms can be found. The temperature of the room is approximately -100 degrees celsius. Everyone seems in a chipper mood. Sip mocktail absentmindedly while still trying to identify the ingredients. The presentations are actually rather interesting and notes are scribbled down in my company branded notebook which I occasionally position in a way that shows off the embossing. #WorkBitch. There's so much secret stuff discussed that I attempt to tune out so I don't put myself at risk of accidentally blurting it out to someone I shouldn't at a later date. #BlabbermouthProbs

12:30pm Buffet lunch is served. Why must everyone serve a buffet lunch? *groan*.

1:30pm We head to the ice rink. The lead presenter mutters "we're from DS" to the guy at the desk and we're all whisked through like VIPs. Which we sort of are, considering DS Automobiles are sponsoring said ice rink and their logo is plastered everywhere. Ice skates are hugely uncomfortable and it takes a while to shake the rust from my ice skating skills until soon I'm stumbling around the ice like a pro. Others fall, I do not. Others fly around and perform twists and turns, I do not. Not sure how to feel about getting hot and bothered while ice skating. Fake snow showers from a machine above and it's hard not to burst into every song from the Frozen soundtrack.

2pm We have a nose around the DS Automobiles stand outside The Village and see the web app we built in practice. It is opposite the Marmite Pop up store. We head into the Marmite pop up store. I leave the Marmite pop up store with a jar with my name on it. Love life once again.

3:04pm Get back on the underground. Realise we got on the wrong train. Spend ten minutes at North Acton waiting for the correct train to turn up. Feet are really starting to hurt now.

4:34pm Make it back to Windsor in time to realise that while gallivanting at events is fun, the normal every day stuff still piles up and there is mucho work to be done. It's all a bit stressful and as the office empties, we're still hard at it. Who'd have thought the Christmas season would be so hectic...

7pm Feet are crazy sore and I limp back to my car and head home via Sainsbury's to pick up some dinner and a punnet of blueberries that I absolutely must not forget. Forgets punnet of blueberries. Life is awful.

7:51pm Eat dinner, attempting to control disappointment over lack of blueberries. Wash hair, prepare self for next working day. Mood is lightened slightly with the realisation that the following day houses a Christmas lunch with another client, Honda.

Dreams of crackers, turkey and it being socially acceptable to midweek day drink.
~ Eleanor xo

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Favourite Festive Films

If there's one thing I love more than alliteration, it's seasonally themed alliteration. At this time of the year, Sunday's are reserved for festive film watching (because what better way to prepare yourself for the week ahead than by cosying up with a film that doesn't really make a lot of sense, but you enjoy it anyway because it's centred around Christmas?). It has to be said, some of the bad Christmas films are bad, but below are my five favourites that  I watch each year, without fail:

A Muppets Christmas Carol
I one-hundred per cent credit this film for helping me achieve an A* on an essay I wrote about A Christmas Carol in GCSE English Literature way back in the day. Sure, I read the actual Charles Dickens novel, I had to, but I remember picturing Kermit the Frog sobbing over Tiny Tim as I wrote my essay. I never told my teacher that though, obviously. The Muppets are so perfect in this film and there isn't one song on the soundtrack I don't love. I do my best to save watching this until Christmas Eve, but it's almost impossible.

Christmas with the Kranks
Every year I become more aware of how completely redonk the storyline of this film is. But oh my word, I love it so much. Really though, are there actually people living in suburban American towns who synchronize the decorating of their houses at Christmas time and will quite literally feed you to a mob of carol singers if you decide that hey, this year I kinda wanna go on a cruise so imma sit this one out? It's baffling. And truly amazing. I should start a petition to get Tim Allen in all Christmas films.

The Santa Clause
Another Tim Allen CLASSIC. I mean, who hasn't dreamed about their dad being Santa?! Obviously, the majority of us have seen our dad's dressed up in a not-so-convincing red coat attire, but I mean, the real life Santa. Imagine. This film is also so nineties that it fills me with joy simply because of that, and the kid who plays Charlie is too adorable for words. The casting in general is just magic. #SANTAISLACTOSEINTOLERANT

Miracle on 34th Street
This film reminds me so much of my childhood. Every Christmas Eve I would watch this with my mum and it would be utterly joyous. It's a bit of a deep storyline if we're being really honest but that house at the end is the absolute definition of goals. Also the little girl is so cute.

I mean, it's a musical. About Christmas. A MUSICAL ABOUT CHRISTMAS. This just doesn't get old, no matter how many times I watch it. I'm not so sure how I feel about the sequels in the franchise but this film is so brilliant I can almost forgive the film makers for attempting to exploit its success. I can't say I remember the Christmas run up being quite so intense during my school days, so I enjoy living vicariously through this school. Also, Jason Watkins is amaze.

I've also discovered Nescafe mint mochas and they are fabulusssss.
~ Eleanor xo

Thursday, 10 December 2015

A Day in The Life: An All Agency Day & Getting Behind the Wheel of a Citroën

I won't lie, I had a superb time writing my last Day in The Life post so I felt it only fair to make this a regular thing when exciting things go down at work.

Let me set the scene: it's a cold, dark, rainy and everything-else-you'd-expect-from-a-December-day Thursday and Citroën have invited all of their agencies to their UK headquarters to attend an aptly named "all agency day" to give us a rundown of what's a-happenin' in the world of Citroën and to let us loose in some of their most popular vehicles. Here's how it all went down:

{Ed's note: The day was hella long so this has been edited down a teeny bit}

5:30am Awake feeling the complete opposite of bright eyed and bushy tailed. Use the time wisely to groan, complain and Google some random crap. Manage to pull self out of bed and dress in something that at least looks like it matches. There's a high chance it doesn't.

6:40am Leave for work. Grimace at how dark it is. Mum's parting remark: "it'll be Christmas soon!". Not sure what to make of that. Barrel down the A322 belting out my favourite High School Musical numbers. The Troyella duets are the best. #IVEGOTTAGOMAOWNWAAAAAAY

7:42am Jump in Account Director's car and head northwards to Coventry. Remember what a dull drive it is. Become acutely aware of the lack of caffeine in my system. Attempt to keep eyes focused and not let myself slip into oblivion.

9:07am Arrive at Citroën UK headquarters. Given a pass with my name on. Very swish. Other agencies in attendance all sit in the foyer. Everyone's eyeing everyone else up. Start to feel a bit like I'm on a school trip. Or The Apprentice.

9:45am We're taken to the top floor and shown into the Boardroom. I muse aloud how I'm surprised the room is so large. Mentally face-palm. Everyone eyes the tables lined with food at the edges of the room. Pour myself some OJ and pick a croissant. Realise what a terrible mistake I've made while trying to eat said croissant and spilling crumbs everywhere.

10am The day gets going and we're taken through a whole host of presentations about the brand, their goals for 2016 and the latest top secret info about the cars and surprisingly-sort-of-cool technology. Someone accidentally mentions something they shouldn't. Attempts to recover with a "but that's not to be shared outside these four walls". Wonder if they're aware that actually it's three walls and one massive floor-to-ceiling window.

11:30am We're all put through our paces with a "fun quiz" about Citroën. It's most certainly not a fun quiz. We then all venture downstairs to get a proper in-depth tour around the Nemo van, the Grand C4 Picasso, the C4 Cactus and the C1. These people know a lot of stuff.

12:50pm The buffet lunch is served. Absolute worst nightmare.

1:15pm We're taken outside to begin our test driving session. In pairs we each clamber into the cars. A procession of about eight Citroëns makes its way around Coventry. It's all fun and games until it's my turn. Can't get the indicators on the C3 to stop. Hysterical laughing ensues. Keep saying "I do know how to drive, I swear!". Turns out I'm not so good at test driving. 

6:16pm Arrive back in Windsor. Hella thankful to be back in the safe arms of my Fiat. Even if she is running rather low on fuel. Make sure to pull into the petrol station with only two of their twelve pumps open. #Blessed.

7:10pm Manage to make it home in time to appreciate the full wack of a mahoosive headache. Blacked out, probably.

As you can tell, I had a fun old day, and my Snapchat story, as the kids would say, "was off the chain."
~ Eleanor xo

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Photo Diary: The November Round Up

Started off November by picking raspberries, obvs.
All pumpkin everythannnng @ Secretts, Milford
The walls in Windsor make good photo backgrounds.
The photos that didn't quite work out are some of my favourites @ Guildhall, Southampton
Cheers to walking across the stage without tripping! @ Guildhall Square, Southampton
Super sweet Graduation gifts from work ft. chocolate overload.
Nectarine Blossom and Honey is everything.
I completely blame seeing this tree everyday for getting me into the festive spirit @ Castle Hill, Windsor
I'm just going to go ahead and say it: November has been my absolute favourite month of 2015. Potentially even my favourite month ever. So much amazing stuff has gone down in the last few weeks and let's be real, who am I to ridicule a month in which I actually wear a dress? Not once but TWICE.

I was so happy to be reunited with my gal pals after a redonk amount of time apart. Firstly to be classy and sober and attend our graduation ceremony in all our finery, and secondly to re-live our days gossiping in Starbucks, running around West Quay and letting the whole of Snapchat know we've got a little too tipsy on the evening of our Grad Ball. Holla to re-living the days of being Eighteen. Could've done without getting stuck on the M3 for over an hour the next day while feeling not-so-peachy if you know what I mean... *groan*.

As you can imagine, Christmas shopping was in full swing by the time November rolled around. And by that I mean, every time I attempted to scope out potential gift ideas for my family, I got sidetracked and started adding things to my own list. I mean, I can't help that I know myself so well... *cough*. Still, thanks to the new phenomenon that is 'Black Friday', this was soon rectified. And I was rather chuffed with myself.

My dad and I also used Black Friday as an excuse to purchase ourselves a coffee machine. It's redonk, but I love it.

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming
~ Eleanor xo

Friday, 4 December 2015

Link Love #11

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  5. Hilarious movie titles that have been altered for overseas. Oh yeah, I totally loved "Armed and Dangerous Women" {via Refinery29}

  6. The cutest DIY for an advent village. If only I had the time (and the patience) {via A Beautiful Mess}

  7. The most adorable new pictures of Princess Charlotte. The royals are a beautiful bunch {via Vanity Fair}

  8. Eight of the most stylish kids on Instagram. I have never felt so inferior {via Pure Wow}

  9. The fifty most beautiful places in the world. I need to visit the Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan like, right now {via Condé Nast Traveler}

  10. Nail art inspired by chunky knit sweaters. I can't help but totally dig this {via Brit + Co}
Keep it toasty, amigos
~ Eleanor xo

Thursday, 3 December 2015

November Favourites

Am I writing this while shoveling huge spoonfuls of buffalo milk ice cream into my gob? Yes, yes I am. Because that's the kind of crazy thing I get up to on a Saturday evening. Well, that and getting far too into Strictly. Still, press on we must, and let me just start by saying "IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS" and oh yes, what an absolute whirlwind these last few weeks have been. But of course, there's still been time to pick up a few new favourites, natrually:
  1. White Tea Reed Diffuser - The Scented Home [here]
    Oh my word, someone call heaven, I think they're missing a reed diffuser. This scent is so unbelievable that it still hits me and fills me with immense love every time I walk into my room. It's so subtle, so fresh and so uplifting I cannot get enough, which surprises me because often I find reed diffusers are so hugely overpowering for the first week or so that you want to gag, and then suddenly there is no scent left at all (*cough* Glade *cough*). I legit may have to start stockpiling this in case it gets discontinued or something.

  2. Coconut Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion
    This probably isn't the most glamourous of favourites but then again, neither is waking up on the twenty-third day of November to find you have to scrape frost off your car. The wintery cold aint the one, and my hands are prone to getting dry, splitting, bleeding and just generally being rather painful. NOT THIS YEAR, WINTER! NOT THIS YEAR. Instead, I'm lathering on this hand cream morning, evening, night, and whenever I so desire. It absorbs into the skin really quickly and smells more exotic than the weather appears outside, so you know, small victories.

  3. Instagram
    I've been a fan of Insta since I got my first iPhone back in 2012 (when overexposing your photos and plastering a frame over the top was all the rage). For the most part it's just been one of those apps I use to show off just how much cake I've consumed in a weekend. But this month I've got seriously into the social element, whether that's because autumnal foliage is the number one instagrammed scene at the mo, I cannot possibly divulge (it is)... One sec, just going to like every single photo of miniature white pumpkins while I can...

  4. Savse Juice (not pictured because I'm a fool)
    I've tried getting in on the green juice craze, I really have, but it's just not for me. I prefer to chew my vegetables, not drink them. But the bargain hunter in me couldn't resist trying a juice on special offer and I was happily surprised when I took my first sip and wasn't repulsed. The thing with this juice is yes, it's raw (so I basically got to walk around feeling like the epitome of 'health guru') but they've got the mix of both fruit and vegetables perfectly balanced so that there is a sweet flavour coming through, rather than that overpowering hint of pulverized kale which isn't so appealing. The carrot flavour is ma favvve.

  5. Graduating
    Way back in my July Favourites I shared the super awesome news that I'd received my university results, and a grand 128 days later, I actually got to walk across a stage (well, maybe 'hobble' is a better word for it), shake an important person's hand and claim my first class honours degree certificate. Obvs, I didn't miss the opportunity to blog about the entire thing, but in short, it was the most amazing day of my life and losing chunks from my feet was absolutely worth it. I will cherish my memories from the day forever #ClassOf2015
Spoiler alert: December favourites will almost certainly include Advent Calendar chocolate. Well, when in Rome!
~ Eleanor xo