Friday, 27 December 2013

The worst aspects of my personality

I spend a lot of my time complimenting myself. Not in an egotistical "wow I'm the most beautiful human being to ever walk the planet, bow down bitches" way, but for some reason I find myself believing that if I say cool things about myself for long enough, maybe one day someone will turn around and agree that yes, I am swagtastic. Here's to hoping.

Throwing aside my obvious personality winners, which include (but are not limited to), being an exceptionally talented writer (*cough cough*), really rather brilliant at remembering all the lines to Pixar animation films - to the point where I can recite them backwards, in my sleep, in Spanish; and not forgetting my ability to ignore all my problems and pretend my life is going swimmingly. But even I can admit that I'm not perfect. Practically perfect, yes, but not completely - something Mary Poppins and I have in common... isn't that swell.

But let us observe: Eleanor's Personality Downfalls:

1. Eleanor is ridiculously easy to make jump

Bet you all thought I'd stop after the first 4 words. Maybe you're sad I didn't...

2. Eleanor cannot make decisions

The worst thing you can ever ask me: "So, where do you want to go for dinner?". I imagine it'd be easier for me to climb Mount Everest in shorts than it would be to answer this question.

3. Eleanor constantly wants to eat
I don't have a defense for this, I just really like food.

4. Eleanor has this idea that she needs to 'fix' things... that aren't actually broken
You haven't told me you love me for 24 hours therefore that means you hate me therefore I must fix this and force you into wanting me again whether you like it or not.

5. Eleanor has an ability to procrastinate to the point where she is unable to function

Like now, for example, when I should be working on my marketing assignment (hashtag ooops)... If I'm totally honest, I'm still rather unsure how I managed to blag my way through First year.

6. Eleanor is strangely vengeful
When I was younger a lot of the people I sometimes fell out with (aren't I a delight) had nut allergies, so if they pissed me off, I went home and ate peanut butter sandwiches... and scowled a lot. Now I'm more into plotting the downfall of said pisser-offer and throwing stuff around my bedroom.

7. Eleanor has very expensive taste (she blames her sister)

And getting a £150 Ralph Lauren voucher for Christmas from said sister is not helping anything (but buckets of thanks for the uber generous gift, sis. You're awesome.)

8. Eleanor is worse than a starving lion when she is without sleep

Much like the events witnessed in the Hunger Games, you never know what you'll face if you attempt to talk to me whilst I'm running on empty. I may cry, I may laugh, I may fantasize about feeding you to a wild jackal, and there's only one way to find out...

9. Eleanor assumes that people understand her sarcasm and therefore has not just made someone contemplate jumping off a cliff because she made a joke about their t-shirt...

10. Eleanor never stops complaining

Actually, that's not true. Sometimes I'm asleep.

11. Eleanor thinks she's ghetto

See earlier paragraph in which I described myself as 'swagtastic'.

12. Eleanor tells people what her best asset is, rather than letting them decide for themselves

FYI, it's my bum. But I hope you already knew that.

13. Eleanor cannot go anywhere without alerting the world to her whereabouts or how much fun she's having

See twitter and instagram feeds for pouting selfies, filtered landscapes and spelling-mistake-ridden drunkeness - all in the name of "I'M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!!", when really, I'm probably not.

And apparently, Eleanor now talks in the third person. But, I have to admit, when I started writing this post I thought I'd only end up with a list of about three points... perhaps Eleanor is not as swagtastic as she thought...

~ Eleanor xo

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A (terribly written) summary of Second Year so far

So I've kind of been the worst blogger ever these last few months, I'd use the excuse that I've been super busy working on assignments and studying like a pro (which of course, I have been...), but really, I've been suffering from 'these last blog posts received really good feedback and now I'm scared I'll never be able to match that level of greatness again!' anxiety. BUT, Christmas cheer now carousing through me and holiday merriment all around, I am back! And a hearty hello and Feliz Navidad to you all - That's my Spanish GCSE being put to use, how excellente.

Now, I know you've all been wandering around worrying about what's been happening to me and if I've somehow been eaten by a rabid grizzly bear (a common occurrence in the South of England); and for that, I apologise - if you were all with me now, I'd take us to Starbucks and buy you all pumpkin spiced lattes and perhaps we'd even have a singsong of all your favourite Christmas carols. But, to the main reason we're all here: an update on Eleanor's super exciting, adventure filled life*!

(*'super exciting, adventure filled' content not guaranteed)

(Re)freshers tomfoolery
  • I moved into my new house with 6 of my course mates. On our first night there was a power-cut and we had no idea what to do... good start
  • I enjoyed freshers week all over again - this time with all of my favourite people around, which made it so much more fun!
  • I started second year (this is probably obvious, but I just thought I'd include it for good measure)

Ikea famous, dessert bars are my second home, my new bedroom all decked out, happy Halloween bitches
  • We unofficially adopted the neighborhood cat and named him George. He's a total cutie and flirts with everyone. He fits in well with us.
  • Two of my housemates and I ended up modelling for Ikea and had our own catalogue cover printed. The paparazzi are gonna turn up any day now...
  • I enjoyed visits to Southampton's ever growing population of dessert bars with my friends. I estimate I've consumed more than my body weight in Nutella, and I couldn't be more thrilled.
  • Many more nights out were had; including a Circus themed Carnage event. I decided to go as a 'black panther'. Yes, I basically just bought some cat ears from Topshop and went with it. Still counts.
  • Halloween festivities were had with my housemates - pumpkin carving and spooky decorations for the house itself - oh and I also watched Saw for the first (and last) time

Pancake day, sunny day in Southampton, marketing field trip, I AM A MODEL
November: (when I was listing the months I actually forgot about November. Wow. Are we sure I'm uni material?)
  • Managed to prove I am a Windows girl for life by accidentally changing the desktop background of one of the Uni Mac's to a guys mouth whilst trying to save it to my documents. It was actually slightly terrifying.
  • Spent a chilly Saturday working on group assignments with my friends (and by working I mean playing pranks and making pancakes, obviously)
  • I became a Starbucks gold level member! Hallelujah!
  • I scored tickets to my future wifey's concert at the O2 Arena in May! (Of course I'm referring to Katy Perry, for those of you who don't know about my undying love for this piece of human perfection)
  • Braved trekking beside a motorway to achieve authentic research for my marketing assignment. Admittedly, the Harvester meal afterwards was a big motivator and nothing will beat holding hands with my friends and running across a motorway slip-road praying we make it to the other side with all our limbs still intact.
  • Got my picture in my university's prospectus and became the face of our advertising course. So yeah, I'm basically the next Kate Moss.

Secret Santa 1, Turducken, Secret Santa 2, PARTY CAT GEORGE
  • I finally got to start the Cadbury's advent calendar my mum bought for me in October. Though some of the messages written on the doors are slightly unsettling, even for a 19 year old...
  • I found out that I am the best thing since sliced bread because I made it onto that Netherlands trip I was waffling about - read my ramblings here
  • 6 weeks after organising it, three of my friends and I held our very own secret Santa meal at Frankie and Benny's. Laughs were had, carbs were consumed and gifts exchanged. I'm rubbish at keeping secrets, especially when they involve such exciting things, but we managed not to blurt out who we each had so overall it was a success!
  • Tried 'turducken' for the first time at our house Christmas dinner and participated in another secret Santa. A merry time was had by all - including George the party cat who rocked a Christmas cracker hat
  • Handed in my first two assignments of the year and celebrated by, of course, visiting another dessert bar. I provided entertainment by somehow smearing Nutella all over my face; nobody has time for table manners when there are waffles involved!
  • And on Friday 13th, my pet cactus and I packed up and headed home for the holidays! 

So there you have it, my last 4 months at uni summed up in a nice neatly presented list complete with exclamation points to present my enthusiasm. And I hope, dear reader, that you have had an equally tremendous few months and that you make the most of these last few weeks of 2013... I don't know, jump out of a plane or something!

I've missed you all very much, 
your pal,
~ Eleanor xo

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Impossibility of Writing About Yourself

So, here I am, in the midst of writing a 150 word personal statement, attempting to impress a panel of esteemed judges, most of whom I'd like to imagine look like Simon Cowell, (complete with high-waisted jeans and boxy haircut), into agreeing that I am in fact the best thing since sliced bread, and therefor should be selected for this highly prestigious two week long trip with my university to The Netherlands next March. And I could not be having a worse time.

I've been putting this off for over three weeks and I need a complete, readable, not-totally-sarcastic version to send off ASAP. And this is all I have to guide me: "write a 150 word statement introducing yourself and outlining your skills, abilities, interest areas and personal qualities". Have you ever heard anything more impossible?!

Of course, I started by contemplating whether it would be acceptable to simply write "I am amazing" with a very serious full stop for emphasis. But then I thought, it might need something more. So I tried "I am really amazing" - no-one can ignore such a powerfully confident adverb. But I was still unsure.

I am horrendously egotistical when it comes to myself in everyday life, but when it comes to super-serious, potentially career making stuff, I've got nothing. I mean sure, I know all the lyrics to every single Taylor Swift song and I can locate the nearest Starbucks from 5 miles away... But, am I a good organiser? Can I hold a conversation? If I had an idea could I stand up in a crowd and shout it at the top of my lungs? 

Most importantly, am I who they want?

Suddenly my palms are getting sweaty. It kind of feels like I'm 13 again, trying to find the courage to tell the boy I fancy how I feel; the crippling fear of him rejecting me and running off to laugh with his friends, strong in my stomach. *shudder*

Shoving my childhood-induced anxiety aside, and after much umming, errring and general "why am I such a boring human being?", I completed my 150 words and pressed send on a carefully constructed email... Which has probably gone straight into the recipients spam folder, if my luck is anything to go by.

Here's to positive thinking, chaps!

~ Eleanor xo

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Things I thought were sexy but upon reflection, probably weren't

I am probably the least sexy female on the planet; I eat like some kind of crazed gibbon and I laugh at pretty much everything (serious, sexual or otherwise). Let's all take a short moment to think about what a catch I am *sigh*. I have (so far) had zero luck with guys, can you tell? but university has provided a great stepping stone for me to work on my skills so I'll be ready to go out into the real world and work my magic and fool someone into loving me unconditionally. I am a girl with a plan. But no man. Hmmm.

So here it is: Eleanor's accidental guide to being seriously un-sexy... Enjoy:

1. Chewing gum

I thought I was doing great until he asked me why I was chewing so loud, and then proceeded to mimic me.

2. Low back/backless see-through top that showed off my new lacy bra

He pointed out that I had gotten thoroughly (unevenly) sunburnt the previous day. Like I didn't already know that. Moron.

3. Sneaking him into my house

My sister came home and found us. It was what I can only describe as one of the worst experiences of my life. She didn't grass me up to my parents though; thanks sis, I owe you one.

4. Short pyjama shorts

When you have a booty you gotta use it, girl! So I did. Until I got a text a few days later telling me the shorts were too short. Ok there, Mr Mixed Signals.

5. Wearing (and keeping) his hoodie

It was great; comfiest hoodie I've ever worn in fact (perfect for 9am lectures at uni where you do not give a shit about your appearance - take note, girls). Until we broke up and in the end I had to mail it back to him. There's £3.90 I'll never get back.

6. Talking about Victoria's Secret
I'll probably keep doing this but I just really like the brand.

7. Mositurising my legs

I don't think he was even watching so that was a waste of my time.

8. Instagramming bikini selfies

I was on holiday, hanging by the pool with the sun in the sky and decided to pose for a picture so I could boast to everyone back home in rainy England. Everything seemed cool until my sister messaged me telling me the bikini I was wearing made it look as though I was naked. I can't look at that picture anymore.

9. Sharing a mozzarella stick (you know, like the spaghetti scene in Lady & The Tramp)

This one was not my idea - umm hello, mozzarella sticks are my favourite, why on earth would I want to share one?! Still, we tried it and frankly it just turned into a cheesy mess and he ended up with the bigger half so that wasn't great.

10. Shaving only half way up my legs

I was wearing long pyjama bottoms so I figured only shaving to the knee would be fine. Oh how wrong I was. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how utterly horrific this experience was. NEVER. AGAIN.

What a poor excuse of a woman I am. Learn from my mistakes ladies, it will save you a hell of a lot of embarrassment.

~ Eleanor xo

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Guys I Won't Date

Being a single girl (cue audience sighing and "awwww"ing on my behalf) I spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about my ex's and what I want in a guy in the future - other people do this too, right? Anyway, I've constructed a list of people I definitely wouldn't look at twice, with a few jabs at my ex's and their old habits (yep, I'm basically Taylor Swift... only I can't sing and I'm not blonde).

1. Someone who talks about themselves non-stop

Eventually I'll just stop listening because this stuff gets old fast. Maybe ask me how I am once in a while.

2. Hot and he knows it

Basically the biggest turn-off ever. Stop acting like you're god's freaking gift and just chill out - ain't nobody finding that attitude attractive.

3. Someone who barely watches TV

I like to watch television, like, a lot a lot. From staying up till 1am on a Wednesday morning to live-stream the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, to curling up on a winter evening watching CSI, I do the lot. I'm not exactly going to force you to watch with me, but don't hate on the delights of the TLC network until you've watched at least one episode of Extreme Cheapskates.

4. Someone who thinks he's cooler than me because he drinks more

Sure, we're young and in our prime, but I am capable of deciding what I want and despite your enthralling story, I don't find you cool for drink driving.

5. Someone who tells me I have shit taste in music/films/TV etc.

You are not superior to me in any way simply because you listen to, in your opinion, 'better' music. When this gem comes up it becomes apparent that the only shit taste I have, is in boyfriends.

6. Someone who brags about their other female attention
I am well aware that there are billions of other females in the world, and you should definitely check them out because yolo but why do you feel the need to text me every time you get hit on?

7. Someone who talks about their ex

Erm hello, your ex is your ex for a reason and honey if you keep this up you're gonna become my ex to. Don't compare me or the things I do to how you remember it with your ex, like, what exactly are you hoping to achieve from this?

8. Cat lovers

Ever since I was a kid I have regarded cats as my personal omen. When cats are involved, bad things happen. I can't really explain it, but cats just make me super uncomfortable.

9. Bad manners
Manners are so incredibly vital. I'm not talking about always holding the door open for me and bowing as I enter (or maybe I am...), but just, don't behave like a total asshole. Is that too much to ask?

What about you? Are there any traits you cannot deal with or are you someone that's up for a challenge? And are you now thinking that I am a total lunatic with ridiculously high standards (I hope not).

~ Eleanor xo

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Internet Regrets

In life, we all have things we regret; and on the internet, they're immortalized forever. The list below includes only some of my regrets, there are probably hundreds more in the depths of cyberspace... Say "cheesy drunken selfie!!". Oh dear.

1. That one tweet I posted that got me into a huge fight with one of my best friends that frankly, I don't think we ever recovered from...

2. Helping my mum get Facebook 

I thought she only wanted it to re-connect with her sister who lives in the US and hasn't seen for a billion years. Nope, she just wanted it to stalk me whilst I'm away at uni. I learnt that the hard way. Damn.

3. Facebook in general

I do not fancy being reminded that a guy I turned down in year 10 is now celebrating his second anniversary with a SERIOUSLY hot girl, whilst I have sat in the same position eating Cheetos for 7 hours straight, totally alone.

4. Most of my selfies 

They always look so good at the time. Internet trickery.

5. Posting a story to 'My Life Is Twilight'

Just, don't even go there.

6. Every single Piczo site I owned 

If you're sitting there thinking 'I cannot relate to this' then you are lying. You know you are. Also, I only just found out that Piczo permanently closed down last December - what!?

7. Blocking my sister on twitter

She got really upset and I felt bad so I allowed her back into my elite fold after 2 days.

8. Every drunk tweet

Most people call their boyfriends when they get hella drunk, I however, for some reason, feel the need to tweet dumb stuff. Most of it doesn't even make sense. WHY?

9. Hotmail

I had a Hotmail account for around 8 years, and it got hacked approximately 3000 times. I'd be surprised if I'm not filed under 'girl who tries to sell me cheap viagra' in all my contacts address books. Now it's Gmail all the way.

10. The 'Capitalising Every Word In A Sentence' Phase

I stopped doing this after someone on, wait for it... a 'Sims 2' forum (yes, believe it) told me to stop. It truly was a life changing moment.

11. That time I stalked the Facebook and twitter pages of my ex boyfriend's new and past girlfriends

(We've all been there, right?) I hid under my duvet and cried my eyes out for hours. Then I told myself to suck it up and never ever do that again. And I haven't. So far.

However, I am immensely proud that I do not own a Pinterest board named 'my wedding' - not even a secret one! It almost makes all that other crap not seem so bad. Almost.

What are some of your internet regrets? You can deny it all you want but nothing gets 'permanently deleted' on the internet. (Basically, tell me I'm not alone in any of these things, please!)

~ Eleanor xo

Friday, 30 August 2013

19 things I want to do having turned 19

Leading up to my 19th birthday (which happened to be a few weeks ago - and yes I will accept belated birthday wishes), I started to think about what I wanted to achieve this next year. And I figured, because I'm 19, I should select 19 goals (am I smart or what). Here's what I came up with...

1. Cook an actual meal. Like, from scratch. 

Or, almost from scratch - I only have a year, I'm not a miracle worker.

2. Drive a super car at the speed of light (or so fast I feel I may throw up)

This isn't some crazy, potentially lethal idea, honest. For this years birthdays my dad arranged for my sister and I to drive 3 different super cars around a racing track. 0 to 60 in 3.5 baby! (Yes I will quote Rihanna lyrics if I want)

3. Get back into running
Maybe buying these insanely hot Nike running shoes will help?

4. Learn how to hold my liquor (not easy when my friends are all total lightweights)
I am doubtful that this will happen, but it sure will be fun to try.

5. Blog for real
I am so bad at actually committing to stuff, but I really want this whole blogging thing to work out so I shall try my best!

6. Finish my photo wall
I love waking up every morning to my photo wall, but right now it's only half finished. I purposely left room to post new pictures because everyday new cool stuff happens, but I reeeeeally want as much of the wall filled asap!

7. Enjoy my last ever family holiday
My parents have decided to ditch me after summer 2014. Yep, I am being ditched. By my parents. Oh the shame.

8. Conquer a fear
I haven't decided which fear yet, but I'm sure the process will be life changing and really not very enjoyable at all.

9. Keep on the paleo path
For the last few months I've been trying to follow the Paleo living and eating plan and it's really good, and I feel great (most of the time; when I'm not considering mass genocide just so I can eat a slice of bread). Healthy eating is great so I definitely want to try and continue with it as long as possible. {what's paleo? Educate yourself here}

10. Write someone a letter
Like, an actual real life pen and paper and stamp and home address written in calligraphy, letter. Nobody does it anymore and it sounds nice.

11. Tell my friends I love them as often as possible (without it getting weird)
Frankly, nobody says 'the L word' enough and I want everyone I love to know that I am nice and that (to me) they are super cool.

12. Take a step back from the drama
Drama seems to follow me everywhere, so this year I want to watch everyone else's drama from the sidelines, and not partake in my own. A mug of herbal tea to accompany my quiet life will suit me just fine, thank you.

13. Get work experience!
This is a very important point on my list; whilst getting a degree in advertising is good, it is even better if you have industry experience. Next summer I will be jumping in with both feet to get me some work experience!

14. Meditate

Don't give me that look! I got super stressed out a few months ago (boys, deadlines, uni, boys) so I started meditating before bed to help me relax after crazy days and subsequently sleep better. It actually really helped - and the internet is a great place to find tips on making the most of what mediation has to offer.

15. Keep my plants alive
It's really not as easy as it looks. Though, my dad did just buy me a cactus and they're supposedly near impossible to kill so I'm feeling positive.

16. Pass my second year of uni!
If this doesn't happen, I'm kind of screwed because I don't really have a Plan B...

17. Become a gold level Starbucks card member
You get cool free stuff like soya milk and flavoured syrups to add to your coffee. Yeah, it's pretty pointless but I'm over three quarters of the way there so now I just want to take it all the way. Green level is for suckers.

18. Use my year planner
I am notoriously egotistical when it comes to my ability to remember dates, but frankly, it's all lies. I recently bought myself a year planner and I am determined to use it to help plan my life. It's scientific fact that people with written planners are badass and never forget anything, and that is the kind of person I want to be.

19. Have fun and be happy (woop!)
Cliche and embarrassing to admit, but it's true. This year I want to find something that makes me so inexplicably happy that I never let it go (or just revel in this happiness for as long as possible). Positivity is key... I'm gonna write that down.

So there we have it, my 19 resolutions. Next year I'm gonna come back and see how many I actually managed to do. Wish me luck!

~ Eleanor xo

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

All the cool kids are doing it...

Life as Eleanor officially has its own Bloglovin' account. What an exciting time to be alive!
Come say hi! Making new friends is what the internet is alllllll about (well, that and cat videos, obviously)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How to survive Freshman Year

Own it like you're Sharpay Evans
University is pretty much the biggest and scariest thing I've ever done. I know everyone probably says that, but I had turned 18 a matter of weeks earlier and suddenly I was getting shipped off to a town 50 miles away to learn the art of advertising, and most importantly, fending for myself.

The whole experience ripped me straight out of my comfort zone and dropped me into a sea of entirely new people, and entirely new experiences -- and though I spent more nights than I'd care to admit wishing to be anywhere else, I wouldn't change any of the last year; I learnt far too much to be ungrateful for the situations I found myself in.

So, here's a list of 10 things I learnt last year (in the form of advice points, apparently):

1. Talk to everyone

At university, everyone is new so everyone's trying to make friends and fit in; so straight from the off, be open, friendly and positive about everyone you meet. On my first day of university I promised myself I would do just this, and now, a year later, I'm living with two of the girls I met that very first day (and a third is one of my closest friends) - anything can happen!

2. Say YES. But also no.
There are so many new opportunities at university - take them all! But if you want to stay in and watch a movie or have an early night that's ok too! Missing one party will not ruin your university experience. Don't believe all the peer pressure bullshit, please. 

3. Your old friendships will change. It's ok. Let them.

If you move away, you can't expect your friendships with people you left behind to stay the same. It's not realistic and it's not fair. You're living different lives now; you will always be BFFs (because that's what you scribbled into birthday cards and notebooks) but you have to understand that the dynamics will change and you may grow apart. Skype your bestie as little or often as you want - don't totally cut off your old friends, but give each other breathing room and your relationship will feel better for it. 

4. Do not simply eat ready meals

They aren't nutritional and they will ruin your skin and probably give you mood swings or something. Cook every once in a while - I am a terrible cook but I had a lot of fun dancing around the kitchen whipping up some crazy food concoctions. Don't forget your veggies either!

5. Long distance relationships CAN work

Admittedly, this didn't quite work out for me, but a bunch of my friends succeeded in keeping their relationships alive and happy - and why not? If you're committed and you know it's what you want, there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't work. Unless they're a jackass. Wait, what.

6. Sadness and heartbreak bring out the greatness in you

Sorry for the downer, but this right here is the honest to god truth. Being out in the world on your own will be tough, and you will spend nights crying into your pillow blaring Adele or something equally depressing into your ears. But this is the greatest motivator. And I know this from experience. I went through some really hard times, but I came out of it with amazing grades and amazing friendships. Your heart will heal and the storm will pass.

7. Call your parents!

My parents did a lot for me leading up to university (buying stuff to fill my dorm room, giving me food and rent money, etc.) and though uni is about spreading your wings and flying the nest, don't forget what's important. I skyped my parents every Sunday evening to catch up and it was always so nice to talk to them and see familiar faces - this ritual was super important to me, and it should be to you too (though, not every week if you don't want to)

8. Go home

To relax, to de-stress, to see old friends, or to simply have a bath; there are so many reasons why every once in a while, you should go home for the weekend. Your mum will do your washing and you can lie on a sofa and have your meals made for you - this is a great way to recharge after weeks of deadlines, or hardcore partying.

9. Missing deadlines doesn't make you cool, it makes you look like an arse

Yes, when you miss a deadline, everyone in your class knows about it. And no, they don't all clap in unison because you've become the bad boy/girl partier who's too cool for school, they sigh and mentally write your name on the list of people to avoid working on group projects with. If you have the stamina, by all means go out 8 days a week, but don't ignore your work because you will look dumb and people will treat you like it.

10. Finally, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

This is your new life, go out and live it! Make new friends, take some shots, break some hearts (including your own) and take as many pictures as you can on your iPhone because these are the days you will always want to remember (especially when you're old and can't boogie like you used to).

If you're going to uni this year, good luck and enjoy every minute!

~ Eleanor xo

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Yo ho ho and welcome!

So here we are. I finally did it. I finally embraced the creative rush I'd been harbouring for the last few weeks and allowed it to become... a blog? Of what, I'm not totally sure yet. I'm told blogging is all about yourself and what you like, so I guess that means you'll see a lot of the Kardashians and pictures of cute puppies (no, I'm totally kidding don't worry)

So (Yeah, I use the word 'so' a lot. It's weird, I know -- and I have the attention span of a nat so don't be surprised if we end up talking about the origins of yarn, rather than whatever the post was originally about - having said that, maybe that would make an interesting post?) Anyway, my name is Eleanor - it means 'light' in Greek so that means I am a ray of sunshine all the time (no it doesn't, but still). I'm 18 years old, living somewhere in the south east of the United Kingdom and I've just completed my first year studying Advertising at university. Crazy times.

I try not to take myself too seriously so look out for that. In a nutshell I am addicted to my iPad (and iPhone), flowers and nail varnish. I watch too much TV and rarely complete any project I set myself (so this will be interesting). A professional procrastinator, I know all the lyrics to most Taylor Swift songs and I've seen the High School Musical trilogy more times than I can remember.
Here you'll find a collection of the things I like, the things I don't, what I'm up to, and general musings about LIFE IN THE FAST LANE. 

Welcome to my world, cuties. 
~ Eleanor xo