“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”
― Anne Lamott
Life as Eleanor is a blog containing the satirical views of the world inhabited by a (semi) middle-class British twenty year old female, currently living in Surrey, having just graduated from University. An avid daydreamer, joke-maker and all-round people pleaser, Eleanor is a high maintenance, super-skin-tight-jean wearing, bundle of love.

Eleanor is an incredibly loyal and determined individual who appears to be unable to function without coffee. A regular sufferer of #FirstWorldProblems, Eleanor often suspects she's suffering from RSI because of her incessant iPhone usage. She can usually be found anywhere with comfy cushions and is quite happy to wear sweatpants out in public. 

A disliker of t-shirts with 'nerd' written on them, wine gums and most forms of physical exercise, Eleanor is never surprised when her Facebook friend count goes down. A scented candle collector, cactus enthusiast and crier at most things, she rather likes flamingos, vanilla lattes and peonies. She collects genuine Ray-Ban wayfarers and would easily take a bullet for Katy Perry. Maker of to-do lists, completer of few. Enjoys travelling, being sarcastic and attempting to hold onto what's left of what she learnt in GCSE Spanish.

And most importantly, Eleanor loves everyone who reads her blog!
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