Thursday, 4 August 2016

Photo Diary: July Round Up

Because who would I be if I didn't snap some peonies? @ Secretts Farm Shop, Milford
Saturday morning in the sunflower fields are my favourite @ Secretts Pick Your Own, Milford
Hand physio in the form of holding a glass of Pimms for a photo #NailedIt @ Durweston, Dorset
Flower arrangements full of greenery speak to me on a spiritual level @ Durweston, Dorset
Relaxing days in between chaos (this book was awesome!)
It rained, it poured, we ate, we drank @ The Aviator Hotel, Farnborough 
Organic buffalo cheddar is the reason normal cheddar will never be the same @ Laverstoke Park Farm
Fruit of the season looking fine @ Secretts Farm Shop, Milford
An afternoon learning about (and witnessing) how Jaguars are made @ Jaguar Manufacturing Centre, Castle Bromwich
Hydrangeas are the new black @ Squires Garden Centre, Milford
Getting stranded in London on the hottest day of the year meant photo opportunities! @ Cornwall Road, London
Just hanging out on a giant deckchair, nbd @ Squires Garden Centre, Milford 

I'd say this month has been way calmer than June, but in actuality, the heat (metaphorically and physically) was turned up a notch. As my life has revolved solely around my left hand these last few weeks, that's about all I have to report. But I already wrote a post about that so I won't bore you again (though I am typing this on the final day of July which means I'm two thirds of the way through the recovery and I'm fit to drive my car again! Hallelujah!).

Time seems to have got away from me a bit in all honestly, I suppose that'll happen to you when you spend almost every hour of every day watching American dramas on Now TV (which has, incidentally, been my absolute saviour during these endless days at home recovering). I did get to leave the house occasionally; my parents arranged little trips I could accompany them on at the weekend or during their days off so I didn't go 100% stir crazy (it didn't work, I am 110% stir crazy).

Still, I took lots of trips to the supermarket, attended the odd 'booked in advance and non-refundable' day out, I got to supervise the man from BT moving our telephone wire, signed for lots of parcels, helped pick out the new windows and front door for our house, walked around the block a few times and made, what I believe to be, a permanent indentation in the cushions on our sofa.

Life should be well on the way to returning to normality by the end of next month, which will likely be bizarre and huge a relief. I'll let you know how it goes.

~ Eleanor xo

Katy Perry finally released a new song which is balling; I'm not entirely sure why The Girl on the Train movie is going to be set in New York; and the British public learnt that takeaway coffee cups aren't actually recyclable.

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