Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How Account Handling Has Changed Me

I almost can't quite believe the words I'm about to type: I have been an account exec for one whole year. Actually, if we want to get exact about it, it's been a whole year and a week (because blog post scheduling is hard *sad face*).

Making it through a whole year of employment isn't exactly a huge achievement for a lot of people, but this is my first real job, and the fact I haven't blown it (yet) makes it a huge deal for me. Not only that, but the amount of growing and learning I've done in the last twelve months is honestly astronomical (love that word, it's far too underused) so it feels right that I take a look back and review how far I've come. Plus, in the future when I'm A) a real housewife of Beverly Hills who no longer needs to work or B) a washed up has-been, I can look back at these golden times and reminisce about life as I started out in my career.
  • I'm way more confident when speaking to new people.
  • I no longer have a fear of picking up the phone.
  • I can spell 'available'.
  • I find creating spreadsheets hugely therapeutic.
  • I'm 100% not a fan of buffet lunches. How many sandwiches is too many sandwiches?!
  • Automotive clients are my thing. I absolutely love working with car brands.
  • I also happen to know everything there is to know about car finance so.
  • Still no idea what I'm supposed to do with my mountain of business cards.
  • My immune system SUCKS #TwoDaysOffSickForAThroatInfectionSayWHAAAAT
  • Sometimes things get a bit stressful.
  • I thrive off the stress.
  • I swear a lot more now.
  • I've more than definitely effed up my back from slouching in my desk chair.
  • It look me about six months to pluck up the courage to use the coffee machine.
  • I'm not very good at keeping secrets. Especially when I've signed something to say I have to keep something a secret.
  • I'm slowly learning how to participate in conversations with people about their children...
  • I write a humongous amount of lists.
  • I bullet point absolutely everything. In case that wasn't already obvious.
  • I know what an umlaut is.
  • I have become a morning person.
  • Leftover meeting food is the one.
  • I heard the chief of PSA finance speak at a conference in January and I now wish to name my future son, Cruciano.
  • My voice goes so high whenever I chirp "Morning!" that I'm sure only dogs can hear it.
  • The joy of pay day lasts for about two seconds before you remember all the bills you have to pay.
  • I like being surrounded by such an array of accents. #PronounceMyNameAgain
  • Still no idea how I'm expected to answer the question "So how was your weekend?" when all I did was fill my online Anthropologie cart and then exit the tab before looking at the final price.
  • You can make it through three years of university and never play beer pong. Your first work Christmas party and you're being forced to play by your Account Director. Obvs.
  • It's a good idea to have a standard greetings card message that you can whip out at any time, for any occasion.
  • It's always someone's birthday.
  • Using the devices to test things is my worst nightmare. SO. MANY. GERMS.
  • I sound really posh when I answer the phone. It's awful.
  • The stairs in my office are really hard to maneuver. Or is that just my overly long feet?
  • The autocorrect on Mac is a sneaky little bitch. You know full well that is not what I wanted to type.
  • Everyone's on a diet until someone brings in biscuits.

~ Eleanor xo

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