Friday, 19 August 2016

Link Love #27

  1. The not so palatable truth about our avocado addiction {via The Guardian}

  2. The hashtag #FirstSevenJobs proves it's all gonna work out {via Refinery 29}

  3. Umm so they're going to release special house editions of the first Harry Potter book {via MuggleNet}

  4. A couple of mood playlists Spotify is missing {via The New Yorker}

  5. These twenty-two amazing quotes from J K Rowling {via Buzzfeed}

  6. A great piece on the problem with watermelon pizzas and sweet potato toast {via New York Mag}

  7. Thirteen ways Lizzie McGuire would be different in 2016 {via Cosmopolitan}

  8. Heather Dubrow is ultimate #goals {via Instagram}

  9. Nineteen of the world's best hotel pools {via Harpers Bazaar}

  10. This 'Pantone Cafe' is a designers dream! {via My Modern Met}
Keep it real, amigos
~ Eleanor xo

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