Thursday, 12 May 2016

Newest Fragrance Find

The Néroli & Orchidée Collection from L’Occitane

I was planning to include this in next months favourites post but then I realised that a paragraph just wouldn't do it justice.

I stumbled upon this purely by accident; while searching for a new tube of toothpaste, in fact. What can I say, life as Eleanor is the epitome of glamour. Seeing L'Occitane on a label instantly catches my attention in any scenario, so I halted my toothpaste search (toothpaste was later found for those of you who may be on the edge of your seat awaiting the outcome), and opened up the tiny box.

The box is arguably small, however this once formed part of the 'collection', which meant it also came with a soap and a body lotion. And in all honesty, the soap smells even dreamier.

Obviously the packaging, as is customary for L'Occitane, is all kinds of beautiful. The ampersand embossed on the perfume bottle is the perfect mix between minimal and chic, and I just adore it.

The scent itself really is something else. I'm very susceptible to smell, I always have been (hence my vast scented candle collection), but with perfumes or colognes, it takes something really special to get me to fall in love so quickly. From the moment I caught the scent of this orange blossom and orchid fragrance, I was hooked. Like properly, properly hooked. As in, already planning my next trip to the L'Occitane store in Windsor to pick up a full size bottle, hooked.

I like my perfumes to be a little more on the floral side, so this massively hits the mark. It's so fresh, so light, so feminine and so calming; the subtle mix of fruits and florals makes it so easy to wear everyday and even more perfect for this time of year. Sadly it doesn't have the strongest staying power, but I dig it nonetheless.

~ Eleanor xo

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