Thursday, 14 April 2016

Ten Favourite Spring-stagrammers

You cannot begin to fathom how pleased I am with that title. I should stay up late on Saturday nights more often if this is the sort of amazing inspiration I get!

Seeing as I love me some seasonal content (if you're not up to speed, Spring is my second favourite season of the year), I thought it'd be fun to do an Instagram round up of sorts, seeing as they're all the rage. I guess it's because there's suddenly actual light during several hours of the day, but Spring is so super pretty and it's near impossible not to take cute pictures of absolutely everything. Am I right or am I right?

Here are the top ten insta feeds I love going to for some springtime inspiration:

1. JULIA - @humphreyandgrace
"pictures here | words there | England"

2. JAMIE JAMISON - @alajamie
"•photo stylist • visual storyteller • social media content creator • mixed media artist"

3. BRITTNI MEHLHOFF - @brittnimehlhoff
"Craft stylist and founder of Paper & Stitch. Atlanta, GA"

4. KATE ARENDS - @witanddelight_
"Snapchat: @witinreallife"

5. CATCOOEE - @catcooee
"designer @cooee |ig ambassador for royal copenhagen|get a glimpse of cooee world, my inspiration"

"Stylist + event & tablescape designer formerly "ladygolightly" Pacific Northwest ↟↟↟" 

7. MARINA - @lightpoem
"wife • mama • life enthusiast • Germany based"

8. MY PROVENCE STORY - @myprovencestory
"Provence behind the scenes. Wedding and event planner in Provence."

9. ABBIE MELLE - @abbie_melle
"photographer // believer // australian"

10. Benedicte - @Kardemomme1
"All the little things"

Happy springing!
~ Eleanor xo

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