Friday, 8 April 2016

Link Love #18

  1. This amazing backyard {via Instagram}

  2. Hands down one of the funniest tweets sent in the last ten years {via Twitter}

  3. This TV spot advertising hands-free Siri (featuring the Cookie Monster) is all kinds of hilarious {via Youtube}

  4. Ok so Macaron Donuts (or Macaronuts) are now officially a thing... {via Town & Country}

  5. Three reasons why it's cool to have a day job {via Being Boss Club}

  6. Think your first email address was embarrassing? Wait till you see the registered names of the Kardashians' many corporations {via Racked}

  7. A recipe for super easy overnight rye bread rolls {via Baking Magique}

  8. Twelve natural remedies for when you're suffering from an upset stomach {via Chalkboard Mag}

  9. Kinda wanna print off this quote and frame it in every room of my house {via Instagram}

  10. Behind the scenes of Anthropologie's Spring Wisteria store display {via Anthropologie}
Keep it real, amigos.
~ Eleanor xo

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