Tuesday, 7 June 2016

May Favourites

You know what was great about May? Summer rolled around and it was warm and sunny and my arms were out and I started using moisturiser with SPF in it, and then, kapow, we were back in Autumn. So I hope everyone took the opportunity to enjoy the summer while it lasted because I feel like that may be all we get. Has anyone else noticed how difficult life is when the weather is going through some kind of midlife crisis? Do I short sleeve, do I long sleeve, do I ankle boot, do I pump? THE STRESS!

Anyway, here's what I totally digged during Mayo:
  1. Twinings Earl Grey Tea
    Yes hello, is that MI5? Yes, I need to speak to someone about what I think is the apocalypse. Why? Well because I've taken a distinct liking to a daily cup of Earl Grey Tea. Errr.... Hello... Hello? Whatevs. The apocalypse has well and truly fallen, maybe not in the cataclysmic way we all anticipated, but all I know is this: one day I woke up with a cough/cold/illness thing (as is so often the case) and wham, I got to work, not fancying my usual Nespresso, but a cup of tea! Tea!? Of all the illness cravings in the world, mine is tea. And since then, I've been having a cup each afternoon. The whole 'lemon and bergamot' thing just really does it for me, ya know?

  2. Let the Road, Rixton
    A music favourite to spice things up a bit! So I heard 'Hotel Ceiling' from this album yonks ago when those Spotify Discover playlists first came about and totally digged it, but I never really thought about trying out the whole album. Well, let me tell you a thing. That was a huge mistake. This album is ahhhmazing. I played nothing but this one album on repeat for about a week (and this may seem like no big deal but I spend about two and a bit hours in my car each day so that is a lot of playing). These guys are so awesome and every song hits the spot. My personal fave is Speakerphone because it's perfecto to belt out while zooming through the classy as heck streets of Ascot.

  3. Jo Malone, Amber & Lavender Bath oil
    What is it with Jo Malone and her just knowing what works? I have yet to find a product from JML that I don't love with a passion. The bath oils are such amazing quality; you need only the teeny tiniest amount in your bath and you smell of the floral scents FOR DAYS (or until you next wash), they're so soothing and relaxing and don't irritate my skin in any way (which has been known to happen in the past with other brands). I feel like with every product I try, I love Jo Malone even more... which understandably makes my bank card shiver in its boots.

  4. Showfield Street, Nails Inc London
    I plough through nail polish like it's nobodies business, and I rarely find a shade that I love so completely that I want to repaint it over and over again (unless it's L'Oreal), but this colour is just doing it for me right now. Nails Inc polishes are a great quality; I wore this for an entire week with the most minimal of chips appearing. It's not the easiest to paint on because the round lids can be kind of tricky to manoeuvre (or is that just me), but it's all worth it in the end, even if you do look like you've painted your nails with your eyes closed...

  5. Light Wash Gap Jeans
    It's no secret that I L.O.V.E Gap in general, but fun fact, the first thing I ever bought from Gap was a pair of denim jeans (and an even more fun fact, that was about 8 years ago and I still have that pair, very much in working order). Gap jeans are an amazing quality and their new resolution range makes them so comfortable to wear because they fit to your body shape. Meaning all of the 'skin tight' and none of the 'stiff as a board'. And as the weather is, theoretically heating up and the sun is beginning to shine, this light wash pair are beyond perfect! I've been living in these the past few weeks and picking them up for £20 instead of £49.95, makes it an even sweeter victory.
~ Eleanor xo

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