Friday, 24 July 2015

A sisterly shopping day at Gunwharf Quays

Hands up all the party people out there who love a fabulous bargain and also a super fun day out! *frantically waves all hands in the air*. I'm not sure why that says 'all hands' when it should definitely say 'both hands'. I only have two hands, just to clear that up...

Outlet centres, I believe, are gifts sent from the Gods above. Zeus, the bearded babe that he is, gathered all his wildly powerful gal pals together and decided it was time to treat the humans below to unbelievable discounts and too-good-to-believe prices. And so, the outlet centre was born. My nearest outlet centre is 'Gunwharf Quays' in Portsmouth - an outdoor retail metropolis right on the harbour, offering marked down items from loads of high street and high-end stores. So when my sister asked me if I wanted to come along on her 'holiday shopping' trip, how could I resist?
We got some insanely good deals from All Saints, Fossil, Superdry, Jack Wills and Gap, with most stores offering an extra 30% off the already marked down ticket price. Rejoice! Oh the damage I could've done in Gap - give me all the ripped-up boyfriend jeans, am I right? 

Once our arms began hurting from carrying all the shopping, and our jaws became permanently locked in a shocked expression over just how much we managed to save during what we presumed to be a very pricey expedition (All Saints, I'm looking at you), we decided to take a lunch break at Zizzi's, one of the many restaurants located right on the waterfront. Sure, it was rather 'breezy', shall we say, but the sun was shining and I enjoyed a warm bowl of tomatoey pasta with a chunk of mozzarella cheese. Mmmm, cheese. (Most of the eateries here are the regular chain restaurants which mean they suit all appetites - my favourites places to visit are: Loch Fyne, La Tasca, Slug & Lettuce and Zizzi's).
After lunch we finished our circuit of the outlet and paid one final stop into, of course, the Cadbury store, where we had to pick up a pack of Crunchies for our dad and watched as the array of tourists picked up bars of Dairy Milk and held them as though they were prized treasure. I think we were both grateful when we had a short escalator ride down to the underground parking as our legs couldn't possibly walk any further.

We had a relaxing day meandering through the shopping streets, soaking in the various cultures, as well as the vitamin D from above us (and feeling hugely jealous of the university graduates strolling around in their robes as I still have over three months until my own ceremony. Boo!)

~ Eleanor xo

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