Saturday, 9 July 2016

Photo Diary: June Round Up

A serious facial expression just wasn't going to cut it with those crazy foils going on @ D's Hair Creations
I could totally get used to spending hours reading gossip mags, drinking coffee and getting my hair did @ D's Hair Creations
But look at my hair though
Feeling so Pinterest right now @ Giraffe, Guildford
I did not order well (I mean, it was tasty, but you know, one handed) @ Giraffe, Guildford 
Our homegrown sweet peas are nice though so

As you can see, this month's photo diary is looking a little sparse. To put it mildly, June didn't play out quite how I envisioned. Two weeks were supposed to be spent at work, and two weeks were supposed to be spent on the beach of small Spanish town. Instead, one week was spent at work and the other three were spent at home on my couch. If you've already read this post, you'll know about the cataclysmic event that occurred just four days into the month and managed to mess up pretty much everything for the foreseeable future. #Blessed.

But before that day, here's what happened:
  • It got really super cold again. I'm talking, gloves and scarf weather.
  • I spotted Nick Knowles on Windsor high street just doing some casual shopping.
  • I witnessed the police chase and arrest a man who you wouldn't necessarily think was a criminal. Meaning, he was wearing a fancy-ass suit.
  • I made my first ever purchase from FCUK which I was mighty pleased with until my mum freaked out when she saw the bag because she thought it said something else.
  • I finally got the USB charging port in my car fixed. Only took me nine months...
  • I took the plunge and spent an eye-watering amount of money getting my hair highlighted blonde.
And then:
  • I severed my index finger's flexor tendon, had emergency reconstructive surgery on my left hand and began a gruelling twelve week recovery filled with physiotherapy sessions, hand exercises, lots of sobbing and a strange amount of "that splint makes your arm look very thin" comments from my mum.
Still, in between the 24/7 splint wearing, the fact I couldn't go to work or leave the country, there were a couple of good moments. I learnt just how resourceful I can be (and that knees are the unsung heroes of the human body), I read all of my favourite monthly magazines from cover to cover, finished a couple of books, took up colouring, re-watched loads of my favourite TV shows (and became of obsessed with ABC's newest release 'The Catch') and I finally tried apricots.

Oh, and then the UK voted to leave the European Union so that was annoying*.
~ Eleanor xo

*It was way worse than 'annoying' but I'm trying to be PC.

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